About the artist

Time is a constant element in my work. Ranging from the shutter drag of the Swirl Series, to the hours long process of making images by moonlight, and the months-long process of making the pieces that comprise my most unusual work, Evolving Art – Slurry Series, slow is good. And years of collecting make the CapaCity Project monumental.

From the straight ahead to the sublime, by moonlight, candlelight, or whatever else is available, I look for the unusual in the obvious. My willingness to experiment and reach beyond are the keys to successfully expanding the boundaries of the photographic realm. I make striking images that aren’t seen, but are created in the camera over time. And while the majority of my image capture is done digitally, all of my photographic work can be made with a manual film camera, except for the Slurry Series, which I create in my inkjet printer. These are not created by using software.

My work ranges from the traditional, beautiful photographic, to beyond the fringes abstract. I also build site-specific installations. Currently, I am seeking a public art project to enable the rendering of some of the abstract photographs in glass.

Please see my fine art photography at: Jeff Becker Photography


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