About the process

Jeff Becker Mosaics designs custom tile mosaics that are produced in a variety of beautiful glass, stone, or ceramic tiles, ranging from 3/8″ to 1″. Created from my original photographs, the digital images are turned into tile mosaics through the use of software and a high-tech robot. This enables a custom-fit product, as per your size requirements.  And for extra sparkle, the vitreous glass can be backlit, adding extra flair to the work.

The process starts with where the work will be placed. That determines which tiles are appropriate, since some tile types can’t be used for flooring. So whether it is for a wall, floor, ceiling, or the bottom of the pool, you can have a beautiful, custom-designed mosaic, made to exactly fit your space. This means that there is no waste. And no waste is green.

I apply my extensive experience and skill in producing photographic prints to the process, working on the original image with software to produce the mosaic. The software provides the data for the robot, which makes the physical mosaic. The mosaic is made in sections, 1 foot square. These sections are numbered so that the installer knows how to assemble and install the final tile mosaic.

Please let me know what I can craft for you.

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